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When it comes to maintaining a clean and comfortable home, upholstery is often overlooked. Yet, dirty or stained furniture can make your space feel less inviting, impacting the overall atmosphere of your home. No homeowner should have to put up with this. 

At Duval Floor Care, we comprehend your need for a clean, comfortable, and elegant living environment. We’re proud to offer our top-notch residential upholstery cleaning services. Our years of combined experience allow us to tackle even the toughest challenges, leaving your furniture looking as good as new. Let us revitalize your home furniture and enjoy an enhanced home.


A Tailored Approach for Every Upholstery Piece at Home

From your favorite recliner to that antique chaise lounge, every piece of upholstered home furniture has unique cleaning needs. Our couch cleaning service is specifically designed to cater to these needs. 

Sofas & Sectionals

A thorough cleaning will refresh your daily seating space, making family gatherings and leisure time more enjoyable.

Recliners & Ottomans

Experience the utmost comfort in clean recliners that invite relaxation and serenity. Enjoy your favorite tv shows, scrolling on social media, or simply listening to your music in peace.

Dining Chairs

Keep your dining area hygienic and inviting, enhancing the dining experience with spotless seating. Forget about the holiday stains; we’ll take care of them. 

Office Chairs

A clean workstation chair, especially at home, can increase productivity and deliver a professional image during those virtual meetings. Enjoy enhanced comfort and status with our services.

Armchairs & Accent Chairs

Get comfortable in your personal reading or conversation spots that are now both clean and stylish. We ensure no dust, pet dander, or smell lingers so you don’t get interrupted while relaxing.

Meticulous cleanings not only prolong the life of your furnishings but also transform your living space into a sanctuary of cleanliness, contributing to the health and well-being of everyone who rests, gathers, or works there.


Duval’s Commitment to Comfort and Elegance

At Duval Floor Care, a clean home is a happy one. We’re committed to delivering exceptional upholstery cleaning in Jacksonville, FL. Our team of experts will meticulously clean your upholstery, restoring its original beauty and comfort. Whether it’s removing stubborn stains or restoring faded colors, we’re here to transform your living space.

Using cutting-edge techniques and equipment, we offer tailored services for various upholstery types, ensuring optimal cleanliness without compromising the integrity of the material. With our proven track record and experience, you can trust us to handle your prized possessions carefully.


Don’t Settle for Less, Choose Duval Floor Care

Choosing the right residential upholstery cleaning service is crucial for maintaining a clean, comfortable home. Follow our simple three-step plan:


Contact us to discuss your specific upholstery cleaning needs.


Schedule a convenient time for our team to come over.


Watch a “Before and after” miracle occurs as we bring your upholstery back to life.

Don’t let dirty upholstery tarnish the comfort and elegance of your home. Instead, experience the difference that Duval Floor Care can make. With our top-rated couch cleaning service, you can look forward to a cleaner, more comfortable living space in Jacksonville, FL.

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